Our Certified Algadiesel Test Results

Cloud Point -12 ºC/10 ºF report
#2 diesel (without additives) -9/-10 C/ 14-15 F; soy 2 C/35.6 F; canola -2C/28.4 F
Flammability 52.9-53 ºC/127.4 ºF report (greater than 120 F desirable)
Water Content 0.05% max 0.05% (Europe 0.075%)
Viscosity @40 deg C 3.736 cst 1.9-6 (diesel typical 2-4)
Density @ 15 deg C 0.895 report
Acid Number 0.2 max 0.5 mg/g
Iodine Value 32.5 max 120 (lower the better)

GCxGC Analysis, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The images below are all from the same analysis of the Alga B100. These plots resulted from comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC-FID) separations. (Although GCxGC-MS was also performed on this sample). It is important to comment on some of the highlights of GC×GC analysis. Note that the enhanced resolving power of GC×GC chromatography produces baseplane resolution; it is more sensitive than traditional GC. GC×GC also produces chromatograms that are “ordered”; compounds are separated based primarily upon their individual boiling points in the first dimension (capillary column with a non-polar stationary phase) and their molecular polarity or polarizability in the second dimension (capillary column with a medium polarity stationary phase). Therefore, there is a chemical logic to the elution position of every compound in the chromatogram. This information is useful when making structural assignments in tandem with mass spectral data from each peak. In addition to very accurate peak volume measurements, the mass spectral data obtained for each component by GC×GC is separated from the bleed of the stationary phases, which is a common problem with traditional GC-MS at trace levels.

In the grand scheme of things for B100 analysis, GCxGC holds the greatest promise for the finest separation of isomers. We certainly did not achieve it in these slides but with time, we could. Second, there are many trace compounds present that may be useful when evaluating lipid production.

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