Oil from algae.

Low refining cost.
Superior quality.
Instant compatibility.
Minimum environmental impact.

A better way to make fuel.

Energy the smart way.

Energy of the Giants

Today, we have the power to create a safe, plentiful biofuel and other sustainably produced products. It comes from -- algae -- one of the main sources of energy for our marine cousins the whales.

Algae is the most productive source of biological oil, yielding more than 20 times as much oil per acre as palm seed, and 300 times more oil per acre than soy. The production cycle for algae oil is 100's times faster and the resultant product provides "drop-in" fuels. Algae can be turned into drop-in biofuels, renewable chemicals, nutritional and cosmetic products.

It's time for a fuel source that eliminates our dependence on foreign resources, brings new jobs to the United States, reduces our carbon footprint, and encourages environmental stewardship. It's time for Plankton Power.

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