Plankton Power Executive Team

Curtis S. Felix, CEO and Founder, Plankton Power
Mr. Felix founded Plankton Power as an integrated renewable oil company to provide competitively priced clean drop-in fuels. The company has developed a unique integrated algae crude oil production business which is on track to produce algae crude at $40/bbl. Previously, as Founder and President of Wellfleet Group, he supplied consulting services to large fuel users to integrate biodiesel into their operations. From 1998-2007, he served as General Manager of Petroleum, at Cambridge Viscosity where he worked with the world’s major oil and oil field service companies in exploration and production. In 1994, he founded and served as Executive Vice President of AVSG, a compressed natural gas company, and developed (at the time) the largest CNG station in the country, at Logan Airport. From 1983 until 1994, Mr. Felix served variously as in house consultant to the World Bank for Energy Efficiency and Cogeneration and consulted to and worked in the electric utility industry. He received degrees in Economics, Political Science and Biology from the University of Vermont.

Ben Robertson, Vice President of Finance, Plankton Power
Mr. Robertson is a founder and former CFO of Fuel Bio, one of the largest biodiesel plants on the East Coast. In 2005, Mr. Robertson started Menadena LLC, a consultancy for early stage companies in the green tech space. Mr. Robertson is a partner and investor in several of these companies including Thermal Home (Brattleboro, VT), EnerTrac (Hudson, NH), and Berlin Real (Berlin, Germany). For 12 years, he worked in finance in New York and Taiwan primarily as an equities analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank, ABN Amro Asia and Daruma Asset Management. He holds a Bachelors in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Steve Drummey, Vice President, Construction and Operations, Plankton Power
Mr. Drummey did mechanical work on for many of Cogenx’s ESCO contracts. More recently he was instrumental in all the design and installation of the Greenfuels algae photobioreactor projects including installations at MIT, South Africa, Ecuador and Arizona. Mr. Drummey has designed his own completely engineered algae production facility which is independent of environmental conditions.

Juan Carlos Boette, Senior Advisor, Plankton Power; Plant Manager, Quilmes, Cervecería Argentina (ABInbev)
Mr. Boette is responsible for the largest maltery in South America a primary supplier to ABInbev’s worldwide brewing companies. He has twenty eight years of Industrial and Project Management, Quality Assurance and Production in world class industries such as ABInbev Brewery and Ciba – Geigy. Mr. Boette also has twelve years as Chemical Engineering Director and Teacher at the Campana Technological National University. He is chemical engineer with a Master Degree in Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Engineering Master Degree, Brewery Sciences, University of Davis, California, USA, Master Brewer certification at the Institute of Brewing (IOB), London, UK.

G. Frederick Vanderschmidt, Senior Advisor, Plankton Power; Deputy Director, FEMA – New England Region
Mr. Vanderschmidt was New England lead on the 9/11 recovery effort. Expert on Federal contracts from both sides of the table, Mr. Vanderschmidt was also contract team lead on $120 million of Federal grants. Fred has had various responsibilities for reporting to State Governors and senior politicians for FEMA during disaster response efforts. He has also coordinated recovery and assistance efforts for many regional and national disasters. Mr. Vanderschmidt is an expert on national and state environmental and construction permitting through many reconstruction efforts. His education includes Emergency Management Institute certificate courses in Emergency Management; Land use Management and Government Programs. He received a BSME from Boston University in Mechanical and Structural Engineering.

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