About Us

Why Plankton Power?

Plankton Power’s international team brings together the world’s most advanced algae to biofuel process and scientific research. Our system includes novel commercial and scientific breakthroughs. Read more.

Why algae?

Algae is among the fastest growing plant matter on the planet and does not compete with food, land, or water resources, making it the ideal biological resource to convert into fuel for everyday uses. Read more.

Read our certified algadiesel test results.

What makes biodiesel different?

Biofuel is an alternative to fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. Instead of being made from long-dead biological materials, biofuel is derived from renewable plant matter.

Biodiesel is a particular kind of biofuel made from oils or fats. Its composition is similar to traditional diesel, but is more efficient and produces lower emissions. It is as biodegradable as sugar, and 10 times less toxic than table salt.

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